Workshop Schedule

Come visit the western mountains of Maine this year! Photographic opportunities abound in the Rangeley Lakes region as summer approaches and melds into fall when the colors change and the moose become more active during mating season.

NEW IN 2017

Loon Photography Trips

Come explore the world of Rangeley's most visible and heard avian residents.

These full day, half-day or two hour trips will offer the opportunity to view and photograph Common Loons in their natural environment. All trips include time on the water in loon territory and ground transport. Great care is taken not to disturb the birds as they engage in natural behavior. To avoid undue pressure on the birds group size is limited to three people. Transportation on the water will include canoe or kayaks and life vests. I can provide dry bags for protecting camera equipment while on the water. Loon photography trips can be scheduled at your convenience..the only limiting factor will be the weather. Following are details on the various trips available and rates.

Full day (approx. eight hours).....$225.00 per person group rate, $300 individual rate

The full day trip will take us beyond the immediate Rangeley area to more remote lakes where Common Loons can be found. Trips will leave Rangeley in the early morning to get us on the water during the best light. This is a time of day when Common Loons often engage in social behavior that can offer great photographic opportunities. Full day trips include all transportation, boats and life vests. Lunch is included.

Half day (four hours)....$110 per person group rate, $150 individual rate

Half day trips can be scheduled to take advantage of either morning or late day light on lakes or ponds closer to Rangeley. Boats, life vests, ground transport and snacks are included.

Two hour trips....$65 per person, $85 individual rate

Two hour trips are best scheduled in the early morning or evening. We will travel to small ponds in the immediate Rangeley area to maximize time on the water with the loons and take advantage of the good light. Loons sometimes also engage in social behavior at both times of day.

What to bring:

Digital camera body that accepts interchangeable lenses, fixed or zoom lenses in the 200mm to 500mm range, extra cards and batteries. Smaller wide angle lenses can also be helpful to capture loons in their environment or capture any scenic shots in the areas we travel to. A rain coat and pants are also recommended as rain showers and thunderstorms can occur in the summer months. Appropriate footwear, preferably water shoes of some sort are a good idea as well.


Warblers and other species abound in the Rangeley area during the spring and summer months and fall offers a chance to photograph migrants as they make their way south. Join me for a series of workshops starting in May that will focus on ways to find and photograph our feathered friends as they return to the Rangeley region. These workshops are geared towards all experience levels but a basic understanding of photography is good to have.

During the day we will visit several locations throughout the area that offer good opportunities to see and photograph birds as they go about their daily lives. Spots we will visit include but are not limited to the Birding Trail around Mingo Springs Golf Course, the road leading up Quill Hill and the top of Quill Hill itself. None of these locations are difficult to get to and do not involve long or strenuous hikes. Workshops are scheduled for a full day, meaning from before sunrise to sundown, but no one is required to stay for the entire day. Those staying for half the day will be provided with snacks and water. Participants in the full day workshop will be provided lunch and drinks.

I limit the group to a size of four for several reasons; that is the number of people I can easily transport and it allows me to spend as much one on one time with you as possible. The maximum group size I will take is six people.

Bird photography workshops are run from mid-May to early June when the majority of migrant songbirds are passing through or actively nesting in the Rangeley area.


Half day rate: $75.00 per person

Full day rate: $150.00 per person

Individual workshops are certainly possible to arrange. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

What to bring:

A digital or film camera body with exposure controls you can set manually, extra batteries and memory cards

A tripod that will adequately support your lens and camera

Lenses-- I recommend lenses in the 200-400mm or 300mm range. Longer lenses are fine if you have them. Teleconverters are also a good idea.  Rain covers or large trash bags to cover cameras are also a good idea.

Bird guides if you have one prefer. Birding identification apps like Merlin  from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology or iBird are two good ones.

Clothing - avoid white and bright colors and accentuate movement. Think of colors that will blend into the background or stand out as little as possible. Lightweight clothing that makes little noise and is suited to the temperatures is always a good idea. Rain jackets are always a good idea. Please make sure any footwear is broken in...nothing ruins a nice day of bird photography like a blister.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and ask.

Rates for bird photography workshops are the same as the individual workshops listed below.



Trips to photograph moose are offered primarily during the rut (mating season) which occurs from mid-September to mid-October. I limit these trips to no more than four people at a time as we will be hiking through the woods to locations where moose can be found. The hikes will be kept as short as possible and not overly strenuous. These trips are geared more towards people with some degree of photography experience, but if you are looking for some instruction I am more than happy to oblige. I will teach you about moose behavior and yes, you will get to hear me speak moose as best as I can!

Both half and full day moose photography trips will start before dawn as we travel to the first morning location. We may move to a second location depending on the level of moose activity. Half day trips will end just before lunch. Full day trips will end just before dusk with lunch included at a scenic location that will offer opportunities for either fall foliage or waterfall photography during the midday. Midday naps are also allowed.

What to bring:

Camera with extra batteries and memory cards - lenses (I find zoom lenses in the 100mm-300mm or 200mm-400mm range useful. Small zooms are also a good idea for environmental shots.)

Light weight tripod or monopod - camera covers in case of rain

Clothing - avoid cotton clothing if possible. If we do get damp it takes a while to dry. Plan to bring layers that offer some degree of light insulation and also offer some protection from the wind.

Broken in and waterproofed hiking shoes are fine, so are knee length rubber like Muck Boots or Lacrosse boots. Lightweight rain gear is definitely recommended as is a lightweight hat.

 Consider clothing that is neutral in color...brown, green, dark tans are all fine. Think camouflage!

Full day moose and foliage photography trips:

$150 per person, transportation, lunch and beverages provided. Maximum of four people.

Half day moose and foliage photography trips:

$75 person, snacks provided. Maximum of four people.


Individual one-on-one workshops are available and scheduled at your convenience. These workshops will focus on your particular photographic interest be it birds, mammals, scenics, night sky or macro and closeup photography.

Rates are as follows: 2 hours -  $95.00 per person  4 hours - $125.00 per person  8 hours -$225.00 per person*

* Eight hour workshop includes lunch and transportation. Individual workshops are limited to four people to ensure quality instruction time.

 Payment and cancellation policies:

50% deposit required within 90 days of tour start date. Balance due within 30 days of tour date.

No refunds within 30 days of tour date. A rebooking credit with no expiration date will be issued for the full amount of the tour. No refunds in the event of a cancellation due to weather before or during the tour.

Payment methods:

Credit card, bank check, personal check or money order made payable to: Nick Leadley Nature Photography

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at either 207 864-3846 (days and evenings) or 207 670-8427 (days). If there is no answer I am most likely out and about with my cameras so please leave a message and I will get back to you.