Meet Nick

Photography has been a passion of mine since my college days, one that I inherited from my paternal grandfather Jerome Leadley, a talented amateur photographer in his own right.

The natural world has always held a special fascination for me and I tend to look at it with a storyteller’s eye. Perhaps that comes from my work as a press photographer early in my career.           

There is no greater joy than to see the world through a lens, capture one intimate moment in the life of a bird or wild animal or witness the stunning, and sometimes subtle, the beauty of a landscape. It’s a thrill I still get after 20-plus years behind a camera and will never lose….to get touched by the wild.

My goal is to provide a window into nature for others to peer through. It is my firm belief that helping others take their nature and wildlife photography to another level, and in doing so gain an appreciation of the natural world around us, is the greatest way to give back as a photographer.

My most recent accomplishment, a book titled Gavia: Tales From Loon Country will be available soon. The book pairs my photographs of Common Loons taken over the past 14 years with heartfelt submissions from people around the world about their experiences with these amazing birds. I will donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the book to Common Loon conservation and research efforts throughout New England.

To Dianne, I must express an immeasurable amount of gratitude for her tolerance of all the early mornings, late nights, long absences and the invaluable input she has provided over the years. I owe her more than I can truly put into words.

I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing these photographs as much as I enjoyed creating them. And if you ever find yourself near the western mountains of Maine feel free to look me up, or at least stay a while and enjoy yourself.


Nick Leadley

Rangeley, Maine
July 2017