The Wonderful, Wild World of Loon Photography

December 14, 2017

LoonYes, I am a Common Loon fanatic. It's a bit of an incurable condition, as anyone who spends a summer on a northern lake or pond will know. There is something about seeing these graceful birds cruising about their watery world and hearing that wail echo across the waters on a still night. With the recent release of my book Gavia - Tales From Loon Country this seems like a good opportunity to answer... Read more

Gavia - Tales From Loon Country

December 11, 2017

Book coverEver since I started photographing Common Loons on the fresh waters of Maine and New Hampshire  I've had in mind a book project. After nearly a decade and a half the idea has become a reality with the release of Gavia - Tales From Loon Country.

When I first heard that eerie wail echo across calm waters in the still of the night my deep fascination with and respect for these magnificent aquatic... Read more