Image Rights and Licensing

The images here are a small sample of the thousands of photographs in my stock library. All images are available for licensed use as high-resolution files in a format of your choosing. My library of images can be seen in my online galleries at Recent photographs are being continuously added and can be seen in the What's New gallery.

All of the images are can be licensed for either electronic or print use and are subject to a licensing agreement. All photographs are Rights Managed, meaning that rights to the images are granted for a specific period of time or for a specific use. Licenses for Royalty Free use are not given.

Licenses for the images are all priced based on the intended use and include where and how the image is being used, circulation, image size and the intended market for the image. I use fotoQuote software to determine all license and image right fees.

All requests for image use will be answered with a detailed quote describing the usage rights, cost, terms of payment and how the costs were determined.

If you are looking for a specific image please contact me and I will send you samples from the stock library that may suit your needs. Once an order has been placed and payment has been received images will be shipped via FTP, e-mail or disk within three to five days.